Explanatory Notes

Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

2009 CHAPTER 23

12th November 2009

Summary and Background

Schedule 9: Licensing: Transitional Provision Relating to Part 4

Parts 2 and 3: Coast Protection Act 1949; Food and Environment Protection Act 1985

Paragraph 9: Dredging

948.Dredging that involves moving sediment around the sea (as opposed to lifting it out of the sea and taking it to a deposition site) was not licensable under FEPA or the Coast Protection Act 1949. Plough and hydrodynamic dredging are two examples of this. Under the Act these types of dredging need a marine licence. This paragraph delays the requirement for a marine licence for such dredging activities by one year from the date of commencement of the marine licensing functions of the Act. Any order made under section 320 that makes further transitional arrangements may specify additional types of dredging activity that are subject to the one-year grace period.