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Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009


Section  numberTitleApplication of Section
Chapter 1: Apprenticeships
1.Meaning of “completing an English apprenticeship”England only
2.Meaning of “completing a Welsh apprenticeship”Wales only
3.Duty to issue: EnglandEngland only
4.Power to issue: EnglandEngland only
5.Issue by the English certifying authority: supplementaryEngland only
6.The English certifying authorityEngland only
7.Duty to issue: WalesWales only
8.Power to issue: WalesWales only
9.Issue by the Welsh certifying authority: supplementaryWales only
10.The Welsh certifying authorityWales only
11.Contents of apprenticeship certificateEngland and Wales
12.Apprenticeship frameworks: interpretationEngland and Wales
13.English issuing authorityEngland only
14.Issue: EnglandEngland only
15.Recognised English frameworks: notification and publicationEngland only
16.Submission of draft framework for issue: EnglandEngland only
17.Transitional provision : EnglandEngland only
18.Welsh issuing authorityWales only
19.Issue: WalesWales only
20.Recognised Welsh frameworks: notification and publicationWales only
21.Submission of draft framework for issue: WalesWales only
22.Transitional provision: WalesWales only
23.Duty to prepare and submit draft specification: EnglandEngland only
24.Order bringing specification into effectEngland only
25.Modification: EnglandEngland only
26.Replacement or modification: recognised English frameworksEngland only
27.Contents of specification of apprenticeship standards for EnglandEngland only
28.Specification of apprenticeship standards for WalesWales only
29.Modification: WalesWales only
30.Replacement or modification: recognised Welsh frameworksWales only
31.Contents of specification of apprenticeship standards for WalesWales only
32.Meaning of “apprenticeship agreement”England and Wales
33.Ineffective provisionsEngland and Wales
34.VariationEngland and Wales
35.StatusEngland and Wales
36.Crown servants and Parliamentary staffEngland and Wales
37.Duty to participate in education or training: apprenticeship agreementsEngland  only
38.Apprenticeship sectorsEngland and Wales
39.Interpretation of ChapterEngland and Wales
Chapter 2: Study and Training
40.Employer support for employee study and trainingEngland, Wales and Scotland
41.Education and training for persons over compulsory school age: general dutyEngland only
42.Encouragement of education and training for persons over compulsory school ageEngland only
43.LEA directions: children over compulsory school ageEngland and Wales
44.Power to require provision of education by  further education institutionEngland only
45.Duties in relation to the core and additional entitlementsEngland only
46.Boarding accommodation: persons subject to learning difficulty assessmentEngland only
47.Work experience for persons over compulsory school ageEngland only
48.Provision of education for persons subject to  youth detentionEngland and Wales
49.Persons detained in youth accommodation: application of provisionsEngland and Wales
50.Persons detained in youth accommodation: further provisionEngland and Wales
51.Detention of child or young person: local education authority to be notifiedEngland and Wales
52.Release from detention of child or young person with special educational needsEngland and Wales
53.Provision of transport etc for persons of sixth form age: duty to have regard to section 15ZA dutyEngland only
54.Transport policy statements for persons of sixth form age: consultationEngland only
55.Transport policy statements for persons of sixth form age: content and publicationEngland only
56.Complaints about transport arrangements etc for persons of sixth form ageEngland only
57.Local education authorities in England: provision of transport etc for adult learnersEngland only
58.Power of LEAs to arrange provision of education at non-maintained schoolsEngland and Wales
59.Minor and consequential amendmentsEngland and Wales
Chapter 1: Establishment
60.The Young People’s Learning Agency for EnglandEngland only
Chapter 2: Main functions
61.Provision of financial resourcesEngland only
62.Financial resources: conditionsEngland only
63.Performance assessmentsEngland only
64.Means testsEngland only
65.Prohibition on chargingEngland only
66.Securing provision of education and trainingEngland only
67.Intervention for purpose of securing provision of education and trainingEngland only
68.Provision of servicesUK wide
69.Assistance with respect to employment and trainingEngland, Wales and Scotland
70.Assistance with respect to employment and training: Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland
71.Research, information and adviceEngland only
72.Guidance by YPLAEngland only
73.Intervention powers: policy statementEngland only
74.Power to confer supplementary functions on YPLAEngland only
Chapter 3: YPLA’s functions: supplementary
75.Directions by Secretary of StateEngland only
76.Guidance by Secretary of StateEngland only
Chapter 4: Academy Arrangements
77.Academy arrangementsEngland only
78.Grants for purposes of Academy arrangements functionsEngland only
79.Academy arrangements: information sharingEngland only
Chapter 5: General
80.Interpretation of PartEngland only
Chapter 1: Establishment and main duties
81.The Chief Executive of Skills FundingEngland only
82.Apprenticeship functionsEngland only
83.Apprenticeship training for persons aged 16 to 18 and certain young adultsEngland only
84.Arrangements and co-operation with local education authoritiesEngland only
85.Encouragement of training provision etc for persons within section 83England only
86.Education and training for persons aged 19 or over and others subject to adult detentionEngland only
87.Learning aims for persons aged 19 or over: provision of facilitiesEngland only
88.Learning aims for persons aged 19 or over: payment of tuition feesEngland only
89.Sections 87 and 88: supplementaryEngland only
90.Encouragement of education and training for persons aged 19 or over and others subject to adult detentionEngland only
91.Duty to secure availability of apprenticeship placesEngland only
92.Election for apprenticeship offerEngland only
93.Meaning of “apprenticeship place”England only
94.Suitability and availability of apprenticeship places: further provisionEngland only
95.Apprenticeship offer requirementsEngland only
96.Apprenticeship offer requirements: interpretationEngland only
97.Suspension of offerEngland only
98.Power to amend apprenticeship offerEngland only
99.Apprenticeship offer: interpretationEngland only
Chapter 2: Other functions
100.Provision of financial resourcesEngland only
101.Financial resources: conditionsEngland only
102.Performance assessmentsEngland only
103.Means testsEngland only
104.Assistance and support in relation to apprenticeship placesEngland only
105.Promoting progression from level 2 to level 3 apprenticeshipsEngland only
106.Advice and assistance in relation to apprenticeshipsEngland only
107.Provision of servicesUK wide
108.Assistance with respect to employment and trainingEngland, Scotland and Wales
109.Assistance with respect to employment and training: Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland
110.Research, information and adviceEngland only
111.Power to confer supplementary functions on Chief ExecutiveEngland only
Chapter 3: Chief Executive’s Functions: Supplementary
112.Strategies for functions of Chief ExecutiveEngland only
113.Strategy for functions of Chief Executive: Greater LondonEngland only
114.Strategies: duty of Chief ExecutiveEngland only
115.Persons with learning difficultiesEngland only
116.Persons subject to adult detentionEngland only
117.Use of information by Chief ExecutiveEngland only
118.GuidanceEngland only
119.Directions: funding of qualificationsEngland only
120.Other directions relating to functions of the officeEngland only
Chapter 4: General
121.Interpretation of PartEngland only
122.Sharing of information for education and training purposesEngland only
123.Dissolution of the Learning and Skills Council for EnglandEngland only
124.Dissolution of the Learning and Skills Council: transfer schemesEngland only
125.Sixth form college sectorEngland only
126.Removal of power to establish sixth form schoolsEngland only
Chapter 1: Establishment, objectives and general duties
127.The Office of Qualifications and Examinations RegulationEngland and Northern Ireland
128.ObjectivesEngland and Northern Ireland
129.General dutiesEngland and Northern Ireland
130.Meaning of “regulated qualifications” etc.England and Northern Ireland
131.Meaning of “regulated assessment arrangements” etc.England only
Chapter 2: Functions in relation to qualifications
132.RecognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
133.Criteria for recognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
134.General conditions of recognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
135.Other conditions of recognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
136.Fee capping conditions: supplementaryEngland and Northern Ireland
137.Entry and inspection conditions: supplementaryEngland and Northern Ireland
138.Qualifications subject to the accreditation requirementEngland and Northern Ireland
139.AccreditationEngland and Northern Ireland
140.Criteria for accreditationEngland and Northern Ireland
141.Power to determine minimum requirementsEngland only
142.Consultation before making determination of minimum requirementsEngland only
143.Effect of determination of minimum requirementsEngland only
144.Revocation and amendment of orders specifying minimum requirementsEngland only
145.Assignment of numbers of hours of guided learningEngland only
146.Criteria for assignment of number of hours of guided learningEngland only
147.Surrender of recognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
148.RegisterEngland and Northern Ireland
149.Review of activities of recognised bodiesEngland and Northern Ireland
150.Investigation of complaintsEngland and Northern Ireland
151.Power to give directionsEngland and Northern Ireland
152.Power to withdraw recognitionEngland and Northern Ireland
153.Qualifications regulatory frameworkEngland and Northern Ireland
154.Review of qualifications to which Part appliesEngland and Northern Ireland
155.Review of system for allocating values to qualificationsEngland and Northern Ireland
156.Co-operation and joint workingEngland and Northern Ireland
157.Power to provide information to  qualifications regulatorsEngland and Northern Ireland
158.Interpretation of ChapterEngland and Northern Ireland
Chapter 3: Functions in relation to assessment arrangements
159.NC assessment arrangements: duty to consult Ofqual etc.England only
160.EYFS assessment arrangements: duty to consult Ofqual etc.England only
161.Review of regulated assessment arrangementsEngland only
162.Powers to require informationEngland only
163.Duty to notify significant failingsEngland only
164.NC assessments regulatory frameworkEngland only
165.EYFS assessments regulatory frameworkEngland only
166.Interpretation of ChapterEngland only
Chapter 4: Other functions
167.Provision of servicesEngland and Northern Ireland
168.Provision of information or adviceEngland and Northern Ireland
169.Research and developmentEngland and Northern Ireland
170.Duty not to impose or maintain unnecessary burdensEngland and Northern Ireland
171.Annual and other reportsEngland and Northern Ireland
Chapter 5: General
172.Interpretation of PartEngland and Northern Ireland
173.Transfer schemesEngland and Northern Ireland
174.Minor and consequential amendments
Chapter 1: The QCDA, objective and general duties
175.The Qualifications and Curriculum Development AgencyEngland only
176.ObjectiveEngland only
177.General dutiesEngland only
Chapter 2: Functions in relation to qualifications
178.Qualifications within the QCDA’s remitEngland only
179.Qualifications: general functionsEngland only
180.Assistance etc. in relation to qualifications functions of OfqualEngland only
Chapter 3: Functions in relation to curriculum, early years foundation stage and assessment
181.CurriculumEngland only
182.Early learning goals and educational programmesEngland only
183.Assessment arrangementsEngland only
Chapter 4: Other functions and supplementary provision
184.Provision of services or other assistanceEngland only
185.Provision of information or adviceEngland only
186.Ancillary activitiesEngland only
187.Co-operation and joint workingEngland only
188.Power to confer supplementary functions on the QCDAEngland only
189.Directions etc. by the Secretary of StateEngland only
190.Guidance by the Secretary of StateEngland only
Chapter 5: General
191.Interpretation of PartEngland only
192.Minor and consequential amendmentsEngland only
193.Arrangements to promote co-operationEngland only
194.Children’s Trust BoardsEngland only
195.Targets for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of childrenEngland only
196.Local Safeguarding Children Boards: lay membersEngland only
197.Local Safeguarding Children Boards: annual reportsEngland only
198.Arrangements for children’s centresEngland only
199.Inspection of children’s centresEngland only
2.Children’s centres: safeguarding childrenEngland only
201.Arrangements in respect of early childhood servicesEngland only
202.Free of charge early years provision: budgetary framework: EnglandEngland only
Chapter 1: Schools causing concern
203.Powers in relation to schools causing concern: EnglandEngland only
204.Power to require LEAs in England to obtain advisory servicesEngland only
205.Powers in relation to schools causing concern: WalesWales only
Chapter 2: Complaints: England
206.Complaints to which this Chapter appliesEngland only
207.Power of Local Commissioner to investigate complaintEngland only
208.Time-limit etc for making complaintEngland only
209.Procedure in respect of investigationsEngland only
210.Investigations: further provisionsEngland only
211.Statements about investigationsEngland only
212.Adverse findings noticesEngland only
213.Publication of statements etc. by Local CommissionerEngland only
214.Disclosure of informationEngland only
215.Permitted disclosures of information by Local CommissionerEngland only
216.Law of defamationEngland only
217.Consultation with Parliamentary Commissioner for AdministrationEngland only
218.Arrangements etc. to be made by CommissionEngland only
219.Annual reportsEngland only
220.Secretary of State’s power of directionEngland only
221.Disapplication of certain powers of Secretary of StateEngland only
222.Power to amend meaning of “qualifying school”England only
223.Amendments consequential on Chapter 2England only
224.Interpretation of Chapter 2England only
Chapter 3: Inspections
225.Interim statementsEngland only
226.Powers of persons providing administrative support in connection with inspectionsEngland only
Chapter 4: School support staff pay and conditions: England
227.The School Support Staff Negotiating BodyEngland only
228.Matters within SSSNB’s remitEngland only
229.Referral of matter to SSSNB for considerationEngland only
230.Consideration of other matters by SSSNBEngland only
231.Agreement submitted by SSSNB under section 229 or 230England only
232.Reconsideration of agreement by SSSNBEngland only
233.SSSNB’s submission of agreement following reconsideration: powers of Secretary of StateEngland only
234.Powers of Secretary of State in absence of SSSNB agreementEngland only
235.Effect of order ratifying SSSNB agreementEngland only
236.Effect of order making provision otherwise than in terms of SSSNB agreementEngland only
237.Orders: supplementaryEngland only
238.GuidanceEngland only
239.Non-statutory School Support Staff Negotiating BodyEngland only
240.“School support staff”England only
241.General interpretationEngland only
242.Power of members of staff to search pupils for prohibited items: EnglandEngland only
243.Power of members of staff to search pupils for weapons: WalesWales only
244.Power of member of staff to search students for prohibited items: EnglandEngland only
245.Power of members of staff to search students for weapons: WalesWales only
246.Recording and reporting the use of force in schools: EnglandEngland only
247.Recording and reporting the use of force in FE colleges: EnglandEngland only
248.Co-operation with a view to promoting good behaviour, etc: EnglandEngland only
249.Short stay schools: miscellaneousEngland only
250.Careers education in schools: EnglandEngland only
251.Information about planned and actual expenditureEngland only
252.Information about expenditure: supplementaryEngland only
253.Information about expenditure: consequential amendmentsEngland and Wales
254.Provision of social security information for purposes of functions under Education and Skills Act 2008England only
255.Provision of other information in connection with support servicesEngland only
256.Further education corporations in England: co-operation and promotion of well-beingEngland only
257.Student loans under the 1998 Act: IVAsEngland, Wales and Northern Ireland
258.Student loans under the 1990 Act: IVAs and bankruptcyEngland, Wales and Northern Ireland
259.Power to award foundation degrees: WalesWales only
260.Complaints: WalesWales only
261.Local Government Act 1974: minor amendmentEngland and Wales
262.Orders and regulationsUK wide
263.DirectionsUK wide
264.General interpretation of ActUK wide
265.Power to make consequential and transitional provision etcUK wide
266.Repeals and revocationsUK wide
267.Financial provisionsUK wide
268.ExtentUK wide
269.CommencementUK wide
270.Short titleUK wide

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