Health Act 2009


28Breach of terms of arrangements: notices and penaltiesE+W

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

In Part 7 of the National Health Service Act 2006, before Chapter 6 (disqualification) insert—

Chapter 5AE+WNotices and penalties
150ANotices and penalties

(1)The Secretary of State may by regulations provide that where a practitioner who provides pharmaceutical services under arrangements with a Primary Care Trust breaches a term of those arrangements, the Primary Care Trust may—

(a)by a notice require the practitioner to do, or not do, specified things or things of a specified description within a specified period, or

(b)in prescribed circumstances or for a prescribed period, withhold all or part of a payment due to the practitioner under the arrangements.

(2)Regulations under this section must include provision conferring on such persons as may be prescribed rights of appeal from decisions of Primary Care Trusts made by virtue of this section.

(3)In this section—

  • practitioner” means a person included in a pharmaceutical list, and

  • specified” means specified in a notice under paragraph (a) of subsection (1).