Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 Explanatory Notes

Section 104 - Constitution and functions: transport

225.The section allows the Secretary of State to make an order about the constitutional arrangements and functions of an individual combined authority.

226.The section enables the order to include any of the specified provisions in the Local Transport Act 2008 that may be made for an Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) in relation to constitutional arrangements (including provision about membership), delegation of local authority and Secretary of State functions, and a conferral of a power to direct.

227.Subsection (4) provides that the provision in the Local Transport Act 2008 relating to a change in name applies to a combined authority in the same way as it applies to an ITA.

228.Subsections (5) and (6) enable the Secretary of State by order to transfer any function of an ITA to a combined authority.

229.Subsection (7) enables the Secretary of State by order to provide for Public Transport Executive (PTE) functions to be exercisable by a combined authority, or the executive body of a combined authority.

230.Subsection (8) enables an order under subsection (7) to include any functions that have been conferred on an ITA by any enactment and relate to the functions of a PTE.

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