Part 7 E+W+S+N.I.Violent offender orders

Violent offender ordersE+W

100Applications for violent offender ordersE+W

(1)A chief officer of police may by complaint to a magistrates' court apply for a violent offender order to be made in respect of a person—

(a)who resides in the chief officer's police area, or

(b)who the chief officer believes is in, or is intending to come to, that area,

if it appears to the chief officer that the conditions in subsection (2) are met.

(2)The conditions are—

(a)that the person is a qualifying offender, and

(b)that the person has, since the appropriate date, acted in such a way as to give reasonable cause to believe that it is necessary for a violent offender order to be made in respect of the person.

(3)An application under this section may be made to any magistrates' court whose commission area includes—

(a)any part of the applicant's police area, or

(b)any place where it is alleged that the person acted in such a way as is mentioned in subsection (2)(b).

(4)The Secretary of State may by order make provision—

(a)for applications under this section to be made by such persons or bodies as are specified or described in the order;

(b)specifying cases or circumstances in which applications may be so made;

(c)for provisions of this Part to apply, in relation to the making of applications (or cases where applications are made) by any such persons or bodies, with such modifications as are specified in relation to them in the order.

(5)In this Part “the appropriate date” means the date (or, as the case may be, the first date) on which the person became a person within any of paragraphs (a) to (c) of section 99(2) or (4), whether that date fell before or after the commencement of this Part.