SCHEDULE 2E+WBreach, revocation or amendment of youth rehabilitation orders

Part 4E+WAmendment of order

Amendment by appropriate courtE+W

13(1)This paragraph applies where—E+W

(a)a youth rehabilitation order is in force in respect of an offender,

(b)the order—

(i)was made by a youth court or other magistrates' court, or

(ii)was made by the Crown Court and contains a direction under paragraph 36 of Schedule 1, and

(c)an application for the amendment of the order is made to the appropriate court by the offender or the responsible officer.

(2)If the appropriate court is satisfied that the offender proposes to reside, or is residing, in a local justice area (“the new local justice area”) other than the local justice area for the time being specified in the order, the court—

(a)must, if the application under sub-paragraph (1)(c) was made by the responsible officer, or

(b)may, in any other case,

amend the youth rehabilitation order by substituting the new local justice area for the area specified in the order.

(3)Sub-paragraph (2) is subject to paragraph 15.

(4)The appropriate court may by order amend the youth rehabilitation order—

(a)by cancelling any of the requirements of the order, or

(b)by replacing any of those requirements with a requirement of the same kind which could have been included in the order when it was made.

(5)Sub-paragraph (4) is subject to paragraph 16.

(6)In this paragraph, “the appropriate court” means—

(a)if the offender is aged under 18 when the application under sub-paragraph (1) was made, a youth court acting in the local justice area specified in the youth rehabilitation order, and

(b)if the offender is aged 18 or over at that time, a magistrates' court (other than a youth court) acting in that local justice area.