SCHEDULE 1E+WFurther provisions about youth rehabilitation orders

Part 4 E+WProvisions applying where court makes youth rehabilitation order etc.

Provision of copies of ordersE+W

34(1)The court by which any youth rehabilitation order is made must forthwith provide copies of the order—E+W

(a)to the offender,

(b)if the offender is aged under 14, to the offender's parent or guardian, and

(c)to a member of a youth offending team assigned to the court, to an officer of a local probation board assigned to the court or to an officer of a provider of probation services.

(2)Sub-paragraph (3) applies where a youth rehabilitation order—

(a)is made by the Crown Court, or

(b)is made by a magistrates' court which does not act in the local justice area specified in the order.

(3)The court making the order must—

(a)provide to the magistrates' court acting in the local justice area specified in the order—

(i)a copy of the order, and

(ii)such documents and information relating to the case as it considers likely to be of assistance to a court acting in that area in the exercise of its functions in relation to the order, and

(b)provide a copy of the order to the local probation board acting for that area or (as the case may be) a provider of probation services operating in that area.

(4)Where a youth rehabilitation order imposes any requirement specified in the first column of the following Table, the court by which the order is made must also forthwith provide the person specified in relation to that requirement in the second column of that Table with a copy of so much of the order as relates to that requirement.

RequirementPerson to whom copy of requirement is to be given
An activity requirement specifying a place under paragraph 6(1)(a).The person in charge of that place.
An activity requirement specifying an activity under paragraph 6(1)(b).The person in charge of that activity.
An activity requirement specifying a residential exercise under paragraph 6(1)(c).The person in charge of the place or activity specified under paragraph 6(4) in relation to that residential exercise.
An attendance centre requirement.The officer in charge of the attendance centre specified under paragraph 12(1).
An exclusion requirement imposed for the purpose (or partly for the purpose) of protecting a person from being approached by the offender.The person intended to be protected.
A residence requirement requiring residence with an individual.The individual specified under paragraph 16(1)(a).
A place of residence requirement (within the meaning of paragraph 16) relating to residence in an institution.The person in charge of the institution.
A local authority residence requirement.The local authority specified under paragraph 17(1).
A mental health treatment requirement.The person in charge of the institution or place specified under sub-paragraph (2)(a) or (b) of paragraph 20, or the person specified under sub-paragraph (2)(c) of that paragraph.
A drug treatment requirement.The treatment provider specified under paragraph 22(1).
A drug testing requirement.The treatment provider specified under paragraph 22(1).
An intoxicating substance treatment requirementThe person specified under paragraph 24(1).
An education requirement.The [F1local authority] specified under paragraph 25(2).
An electronic monitoring requirement.

Any person who by virtue of paragraph 26(4) will be responsible for the electronic monitoring.

Any person without whose consent the requirement could not have been included in the order.