Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 Explanatory Notes

Section 58: Pilot schemes

419.This section inserts a new section 18A into the 1999 Act to provide for a power to pilot schemes under secondary legislation concerning the Criminal Defence Service.

420.Subsection (2) removes subsection (5) of section 17A, a provision about a specific kind of pilot scheme.

421.Subsection (3) inserts a new section 18A. This provides that any instruments under sections 12 to 15, 17, 17A or 22(5) or paragraphs 1A to 5 of Schedule 3 may be made so as to have effect only for a specified period of up to twelve months, unless the Lord Chancellor extends this period where necessary to ensure the effective operation of a scheme or to coordinate it with another relevant pilot scheme, for up to eighteen months. The Lord Chancellor may further extend this period in order to cover any gap between the end of the pilot and full implementation. Any pilot scheme may apply in relation to one or more areas, type of court, type of offence or class of person.

422.Subsection (4) inserts a new subsection (9B) into section 25, and provides that any instrument under new section 18A will be subject to the affirmative resolution procedure.

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