Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 Explanatory Notes

Part 2 - Sentencing

76.Section 9 gives effect to the proposal to set out the purpose of juvenile sentencing which was set out in “Youth Justice – the next steps”.

77.In May 2007 the Government published “Penal Policy - a background paper” (available at The paper set out the Government’s commitment to use prison and probation resources to best effect to protect the public, punish the offender and reduce re-offending. The paper set out new arrangements for the recall of non-dangerous offenders who breach the terms of their licence. Sections 29 and 30 give effect to these provisions.

78.In December 2007, Lord Carter published his Review of Prisons: Securing the Future (available at Sections 11, 13-18, 21-23, 25-26, 28, 51 and 52 give effect to certain recommendations to manage the use of custody.

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