Climate Change Act 2008

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16(1)There shall be a sub-committee of the Committee, to be known as the Adaptation Sub-Committee or, in Welsh, as yr Is-bwyllgor Addasu (referred to in this paragraph as “the ASC”).E+W+S+N.I.

(2)The ASC shall consist of—

(a)a person appointed by the national authorities to chair the ASC (“the ASC chair”), and

(b)not less than five other members appointed by the national authorities.

(3)The national authorities must—

(a)consult the chair before appointing the ASC chair, and

(b)consult the ASC chair before appointing the other members of the ASC.

(4)A person ceases to be the ASC chair if the person—

(a)resigns that office by giving written notice to the Secretary of State, or

(b)ceases to be a member of the ASC.

(5)The ASC may include persons who are not members of the Committee.

(6)Paragraphs 3 to 5 (term of office) apply to a person who is—

(a)a member of the Committee, and

(b)a member of the ASC,

in that person's capacity as a member of the ASC.

(7)Those paragraphs and paragraphs 8 to 10 (remuneration and pensions etc) apply to a member of the ASC who is not a member of the Committee as they apply to a member of the Committee.

(8)In the application of paragraph 5(a) by virtue of this paragraph, the reference to the Committee is a reference to the ASC.

(9)A person who—

(a)ceases to be a member of the ASC, or

(b)ceases to be the ASC chair,

may be reappointed to that office.

(10)The ASC must provide the Committee with such advice, analysis, information or other assistance as the Committee may require in connection with the exercise of its functions under—

(a)section 38(1)(c) (advice etc to national authorities on adaptation to climate change),

(b)section 57 (advice on report on impact of climate change), or

(c)section 59 (reporting on progress in connection with adaptation).