Local Transport Act 2008


Part 4 E+WRepeals relating to Part 5 of this Act

Short title and chapterExtent of repeal
Transport Act 1968 (c. 73)In section 9(1), the words “Subject to any order under section 42(1)(c) of the Local Government Act 1985 (alteration or abolition of passenger transport areas, etc)”.
Local Government Act 1985 (c. 51)

In section 42(1)—


the words “any of the following purposes”,


paragraph (c),


in paragraph (d) the words “whether or not an order is made for any of the foregoing purposes”.

In section 42(3), the words “any passenger transport authority”.

In Schedule 12, paragraph 3(1).

In Schedule 14, paragraph 31(2).

Transport Act 1985 (c. 67)

Section 58(2)(a) and (4)(c).

In Schedule 3, paragraph 18(c).

Education Reform Act 1988 (c. 40)In Schedule 12, paragraphs 45 and 46.
Transport Act 2000 (c. 38)Section 156.