Part 2Regulation of Social Housing

Chapter 1Introduction


62References to Welsh Ministers

In the following provisions of the Housing Act 1996 (c. 52)

(a)for “Secretary of State” substitute “Welsh Ministers”,

(b)for “Secretary of State makes” substitute “Welsh Ministers make”,

(c)for “he” substitute “they”,

(d)for “him” substitute “them” (except in section 12A(4)), and

(e)for “considers” substitute “consider”.

Section 9(1A)(b)Consent for disposal of land
Section 12A(4)Right of first refusal: regulations
Section 15A(5)Deferred resale agreements: order
Section 17(1), (2)(b), (5)(b) and (6)Right to acquire: orders and regulations
Section 18(5)(b)Social housing grants: appointment of agent
Section 23(6)Loans: approved schemes
Section 27A(3)Grants to other bodies: further provision
Section 29(1), (2) and (3)Commutation of special residual subsidy
Section 30(5)(b)Collection of information: notice
Section 39(3)Insolvency etc: order defining terms
Section 46(7)(b)Appointment of manager: order
Section 52(1) and (3)Orders: general
Section 53(1), (4) and (5)Determinations: general
Section 55(2)Consequential: order
Paragraph 9(3A)(b) of Schedule 1Change of rules of industrial and provident society: consent
Paragraph 11(3A)(b) of Schedule 1Change of articles of company: consent
Paragraph 15A(1) of Schedule 1Transfer of assets of charity on dissolution: order