Part 1The Homes and Communities Agency

Chapter 3Financial provision

Powers to give financial assistance

19Financial assistance

(1)The HCA may, with the consent of the Secretary of State, give financial assistance to any person.

(2)Financial assistance under this section may be given in any form.

(3)Financial assistance under this section may, in particular, be given by way of—



(c)guarantee or indemnity,

(d)investment, or

(e)incurring expenditure for the benefit of the person assisted.

(4)Financial assistance under this section may be given on such terms and conditions as the HCA considers appropriate (including provision for repayment, with or without interest).

(5)The objects of the HCA are not to be read as preventing the HCA from exercising functions in relation to financial assistance (whether under this section or otherwise) which—

(a)are transferred to the HCA from the Housing Corporation by virtue of this Act, or

(b)would supersede functions of the Housing Corporation,

in ways corresponding to those in which the Housing Corporation could have exercised its functions.

(6)See also sections 31 to 35 (further provision about certain types of financial assistance: social housing).