SCHEDULE 7Adjudication functions under Medical Act 1983 and Opticians Act 1989

Part 1Amendments of Medical Act 1983

9(1)Section 38 of the 1983 Act (power to order immediate suspension etc after a finding of impairment of fitness to practise) is amended as follows.

(2)In subsections (1) and (2)—

(a)for “rules made by virtue of paragraph 5A(3)” substitute “paragraph 5A(3E)”, and

(b)for “Fitness to Practise Panel” substitute “Adjudicator”.

(3)In subsection (3)—

(a)in paragraph (a)—

(i)in sub-paragraph (i) after “10” insert “or 10A”, and

(ii)omit sub-paragraph (ii), and

(b)in paragraph (b) for “paragraph 5A(4) of that Schedule” substitute “paragraph 5A(5) of Schedule 4 to this Act”.

(4)In subsection (4) for “a Fitness to Practise Panel make” substitute “the Adjudicator makes”.