Income Tax Act 2007 Explanatory Notes

Section 70: Determining losses in previous tax years

266.This section provides rules for deciding whether a trade of farming or market gardening made losses in earlier tax years. It is based on section 397(7) and (10) of ICTA.

267.Subsection (2) provides that, for earlier tax years, losses are calculated for actual tax years (6 April to following 5 April) rather than (as is normally the case) for the basis period ending in the tax year.

268.The difference in approach (which prevents any manipulation of periods of account directed at side-stepping the restriction) arises from the fact that losses used to be calculated for actual tax years, but following the move to a current year basis of assessment (in FA 1994) the calculation of losses for the main loss relief provisions was changed to mirror the calculation of profits.

269.Subsection (4) adapts rules in section 203 of ITTOIA to deal with cases where profits or losses have not actually been calculated by reference to tax years. In such cases, the calculation of profits or losses for tax years is an arithmetical exercise, involving apportioning (on a time basis) the profits or losses of periods falling partly within the tax year, and combining these with the profits or losses of any periods falling completely within the tax year.

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