Income Tax Act 2007 Explanatory Notes

Section 542: How income is attributed to the non-exempt amount

1637.This section specifies that the charitable trust can decide the attribution of attributable (exempt) income or chargeable gains to the non-exempt amount, to determine which items of otherwise exempt income or chargeable gains should be treated as taxable. It is based on section 505(7) of ICTA.

1638.Where the restrictions apply, an amount of income (or chargeable gains) equal to the non-exempt amount (of expenditure) must be identified (as calculated in accordance with the previous section) in order to enable the charitable trust to complete its tax return and self-assess its tax liability. This section provides the mechanism for the charitable trust to specify the items or elements of income (such as trading income or investment income) which lose the benefit of exemption.

1639.But if the charitable trust has not provided the attribution within a period of 30 days from the day of a request for a specification of the attribution, an officer of Revenue and Customs can decide the attribution. References to “the Board” have been replaced with “an officer of Revenue and Customs”. See Change 5 in Annex 1 and the commentary on section 538.

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