Income Tax Act 2007 Explanatory Notes

Section 540: The non-exempt amount

1632.This section specifies how the non-exempt amount is calculated. It is based on section 505(3) and (4) of ICTA.

1633.The term “attributable income and gains” is defined in subsection (3). This label replaces “relievable income and gains” as defined in section 505(3) of ICTA.

1634.Subsection (5) specifies that section 256(4) of TCGA is to be ignored in applying subsection (3)(b). Section 256 of TCGA provides the exemption from capital gains tax for certain gains accruing to a charity. Schedule 1 to this Act amends section 256, adding subsections (3) to (5). Schedule 1 also inserts sections 256A and 256B, to deal with the interaction between income tax and capital gains tax as regards attributing income and gains to the non-exempt amount.

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