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SCHEDULE 4E+WApproved regulators

Part 2E+WDesignation of bodies by order

Effect of grant of applicationE+W

16(1)This paragraph applies where an application is granted in relation to a reserved legal activity or activities.E+W

(2)The Board must recommend to the Lord Chancellor that an order be made designating the applicant as an approved regulator in relation to the reserved legal activity or activities in question.

(3)The Board must publish any recommendation made under sub-paragraph (2).

(4)The Board must make available to the Lord Chancellor—

(a)any advice duly given under paragraphs 6 to 9,

(b)any written representations duly made under paragraph 11 and the report (if any) prepared under that paragraph, and

(c)any other material considered by the Board for the purpose of determining the application.