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SCHEDULE 15E+WThe Valuation Tribunal for England

Retention of existing arrangements for WalesE+W

4In paragraph 1 (establishment of tribunals)—E+W

(a)in sub-paragraph (1) for “of tribunals” insert “ , in relation to Wales, of one or more tribunals ”;

(b)omit sub-paragraph (2)(a);

(c)in sub-paragraph (2)(b) omit “so far as relating to Wales,”.

5After paragraph 1 insert—E+W

1AIn this Part, references to a tribunal are references to any tribunal established in relation to Wales by regulations under paragraph 1.

6(1)Omit paragraph 3 (transfer of jurisdiction of local valuation courts).E+W

(2)The repeal of paragraph 3 does not affect any regulations made under that paragraph before the repeal comes into force.

7In paragraph 5(1) (regulations about membership of tribunals), in sub-paragraph (p) after “such” insert “ remuneration and ”.E+W

8In paragraph 6(1) (staff) omit “, so far as relating to Wales,”.E+W

9In paragraph 7(1) (accommodation and equipment) omit “, so far as relating to Wales,”.E+W

10(1)For the italic heading before paragraph 8 substitute— “ Dealing with appeals ”E+W

(2)Paragraph 8(1) becomes paragraph 7A of Schedule 11.