Serious Crime Act 2007


43Index of defined expressions: Part 1E+W+N.I.

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In this Part, the expressions listed in the left-hand column have the meaning given by, or are to be interpreted in accordance with, the provisions listed in the right-hand column.

actsection 42
committed a serious offencesection 4(1)
conductsection 42
conducts oneself in a way likely to facilitate the commission by oneself or another person of a serious offencesection 4(3)
countrysection 42
Director of Public Prosecutions, Director of Revenue and Customs Prosecutions, Director of the Serious Fraud Office and Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern IrelandParagraphs 2(2), 7(2), 13(2) and 17 of Schedule 2
documentsection 5(7)
facilitates the commission by another person of a serious offencesection 4(2)
involvement in serious crime: England and Wales orderssections 2, 4 and 31(3)
involvement in serious crime: Northern Ireland orderssections 3, 4 and 31(3)
law enforcement officersection 5(7)
modifications (and modify)section 42
person who is the subject of a serious crime prevention ordersection 1(6)
premisessection 5(7)
production of documentssection 5(8)
the publicsection 42
relevant applicant authoritysection 10(4)
serious crime prevention ordersection 1(5)
serious offence in England and Walessection 2(2)
serious offence in Northern Irelandsection 3(2)