Serious Crime Act 2007 Explanatory Notes

Section 15: Restrictions on use of information obtained

46.This section relates to the interaction between the provisions of an order and the need to protect the privilege against self-incrimination. Subsection (1) provides that a statement (which by virtue of section 11 can only be a written statement), provided by a person as a result of a requirement in an order, cannot be used against him in criminal proceedings except if either one of two conditions are met.

47.Subsection (2) sets out the first condition, namely that such a statement can be used if the criminal proceedings are in relation to the offence of failing to comply with the order itself, contained in section 25. The second condition, set out in subsection (3), is that the proceedings relate to an offence other than an offence under section 25, the person gives evidence in those proceedings, when giving evidence makes a statement which is inconsistent with the statement made in response to the requirement of the order, and in the proceedings evidence relating to the statement made in response to the requirement imposed by the order is adduced, or a question about it is asked, by the person or on his behalf.

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