Greater London Authority Act 2007

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 General functions of the Authority

    1. Payments on loss of office

      1. 1.Payments on ceasing to hold office as Mayor or Assembly member

    2. The Mayor's strategies

      1. 2.Consultation

    3. The Assembly

      1. 3.The Mayor's periodic report to the Assembly

      2. 4.Confirmation hearings etc for certain appointments by the Mayor

      3. 5.Power to require attendance at Assembly meetings: time limits

      4. 6.Annual report by the Assembly

    4. Officers and staff

      1. 7.Staff appointed under section 67(2) of the GLA Act 1999

      2. 8.Head of paid service

      3. 9.Monitoring officer

      4. 10.Chief finance officer

      5. 11.Amendments consequential on sections 8 to 10

    5. The annual budget

      1. 12.Separate component budgets for Assembly and Mayor

      2. 13.Procedure for determining Authority's consolidated budget requirement

      3. 14.Substitute calculations

      4. 15.Deemed component budget requirements for last old financial year

      5. 16.Exercise of Mayor's functions when temporarily unable to act

  3. Part 2 Transport

    1. 17.Restrictions on disposal of land: method of giving consent

    2. 18.Membership of Transport for London: eligibility of holders of political office

    3. 19.Remuneration and allowances

  4. Part 3 The London Development Agency

    1. 20.Allowances

  5. Part 4 Health

    1. The Health Adviser and the Deputy Health Advisers

      1. 21.The Health Adviser and the Deputy Health Advisers

    2. Reduction of health inequalities

      1. 22.The health inequalities strategy

      2. 23.The general power of the Authority: duty to have regard

      3. 24.General duties of the Mayor with respect to his strategies

  6. Part 5 The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

    1. 25.Membership

    2. 26.Allowances

    3. 27.Directions etc by the Mayor

  7. Part 6 Housing

    1. 28.The London housing strategy

  8. Part 7 Planning

    1. The Mayor's spatial development strategy

      1. 29.Duties in relation to consultation

    2. Local development schemes

      1. 30.Local development schemes

    3. Development control

      1. 31.Mayor to determine certain applications for planning permission

      2. 32.Planning obligations

      3. 33.Amendments of section 106 of TCPA

      4. 34.Planning obligations: further provision

      5. 35.Representation hearings

      6. 36.Planning contribution under section 46 of PCPA 2004

  9. Part 8 Environmental functions

    1. Waste

      1. 37.Duties of waste collection authorities etc

      2. 38.London Waste and Recycling Board

      3. 39.Information about waste contracts

    2. Climate change and energy

      1. 40.The general power of the Authority: duty to have regard

      2. 41.General duties of the Mayor with respect to his strategies

      3. 42.Duty of Mayor and Assembly to address climate change

      4. 43.The London climate change mitigation and energy strategy

      5. 44.The Mayor's adaptation to climate change strategy for London

  10. Part 9 Culture, media and sport

    1. Museum of London

      1. 45.Transfer of power of appointment of members of Board of Governors

      2. 46.Period of appointment of Governors to the Board

      3. 47.The Board's expenditure: transfer of powers and other provisions

      4. 48.Transfer of other powers relating to the Museum

      5. 49.Repeal of section 5 of the Museum of London Act 1986

    2. Miscellaneous

      1. 50.The Mayor's culture strategy: consultation

      2. 51.The Mayor's duty to exercise certain powers of appointment

  11. Part 10 Miscellaneous and general

    1. 52.Common provision of administrative, professional and technical services

  12. Part 11 Supplementary provisions

    1. 53.Orders

    2. 54.Directions

    3. 55.Financial provisions

    4. 56.Transitional provision relating to consultation

    5. 57.Repeals

    6. 58.Interpretation

    7. 59.Short title, citation, commencement and extent


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Confirmation hearings etc: Schedule 4A to the GLA Act 1999

      1. This is the Schedule that is to be inserted as...

    2. SCHEDULE 2