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SCHEDULE 12E+WTaking control of goods

Part 2 E+WThe procedure

Limitation of liability for sale or payment of proceedsE+W

65(1)Paragraphs 63 and 64—E+W

(a)do not affect the liability of a person other than the enforcement agent or a related party;

(b)do not apply to the creditor if he is the enforcement agent.

(2)The following apply for the purposes of those paragraphs.

(3)The enforcement agent or a related party has notice of something if he would have found it out if he had made reasonable enquiries.

(4)A related party is any person who acts in exercise of an enforcement power, other than the creditor or enforcement agent.

(5)The court” has the same meaning as in paragraph 60.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 12 para. 65 in force at 6.4.2014 by S.I. 2014/768, art. 2(1)(b)