SCHEDULE 2Restoration of devolved government on 26 March 2007

Modification of section 29(3) of the 1998 Act and paragraph 7(7) of Schedule 1 to the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000

5(1)This paragraph applies in relation to the first occasion on or after 26 March 2007 on which the offices of chairmen and deputy chairmen of the statutory committees are to be filled in accordance with standing orders made under section 29 of the 1998 Act.

(2)That section (and those standing orders) shall have effect as if the reference, in the definition of ā€œSā€ in subsection (3) of that section (and in those standing orders), to the day on which the Assembly first met following its election were a reference to the first day on which the Transitional Assembly met after 7 March 2007.