Armed Forces Act 2006

333Pay, bounty and allowances
This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)Her Majesty may by warrant make provision with respect to pay, bounty and allowances for members of the regular or reserve forces.

(2)A Royal Warrant made under this section may in particular—

(a)provide for the way in which pay, bounty and allowances are to be paid;

(b)impose conditions or restrictions on the making of such payments;

(c)confer a discretion on any person.

(3)Provision that may be made by virtue of subsection (2)(b) includes in particular provision authorising the making of a deduction from a payment to a person—

(a)in respect of anything (including any service) supplied to him;

(b)in order to recover any overpayment or advance; or

(c)in order to reclaim any relevant payment.

(4)For the purposes of subsection (3)(c) a payment is “relevant” if—

(a)it was made on condition that it would or might be repayable in specified circumstances; and

(b)any such circumstance has occurred.

(5)A Royal Warrant under this section may not authorise the forfeiture of pay.

(6)A Royal Warrant under this section may not make provision about money distributable under the Naval Agency and Distribution Act 1864 (c. 24).

(7)Section 373(5) (power to make supplementary provision etc) applies in relation to Royal Warrants under this section.

(8)A Royal Warrant under this section may be amended or revoked by a further Royal Warrant under this section.

(9)Nothing in this section prevents provision as to rates of allowances from being made otherwise than under this section.