Police and Justice Act 2006

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2(1)Section 5 (authorities responsible for strategies) is amended as follows.E+W

(2)In subsection (1), after “functions conferred by” there is inserted “ or under ”.

(3)In subsection (1A)(a), for “by sections 6 to 7” there is substituted “ by or under section 6 or by section 7 ”.

(4)In subsection (1B)(b), after “drugs” there is inserted “ , alcohol and other substances ”.

(5)After subsection (5) there is inserted—

(6)The appropriate national authority may by order amend this section by—

(a)adding an entry for any person or body to the list of authorities in subsection (1),

(b)altering or repealing an entry for the time being included in the list, or

(c)adding, altering or repealing provisions for the interpretation of entries in the list.

(7)In this section the “appropriate national authority”, in relation to a person or body, means—

(a)the National Assembly for Wales, if all the functions of the person or body are devolved Welsh functions;

(b)the Secretary of State and the Assembly acting jointly, if the functions of the person or body include devolved Welsh functions and other functions; and

(c)the Secretary of State, if none of the functions of the person or body are devolved Welsh functions.

(8)In subsection (7), “devolved Welsh functions” means functions which are dischargeable only in relation to Wales and relate to matters in relation to which the Assembly has functions.