Companies Act 2006

1199Savings for existing lawful business names
This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section has effect in relation to—

  • sections 1192 to 1196 (sensitive words or expressions), and

  • section 1197 (inappropriate indication of company type or legal form).

(2)Those sections do not apply to the carrying on of a business by a person who—

(a)carried on the business immediately before the date on which this Chapter came into force, and

(b)continues to carry it on under the name that immediately before that date was its lawful business name.


(a)a business is transferred to a person on or after the date on which this Chapter came into force, and

(b)that person carries on the business under the name that was its lawful business name immediately before the transfer,

those sections do not apply in relation to the carrying on of the business under that name during the period of twelve months beginning with the date of the transfer.

(4)In this section “lawful business name”, in relation to a business, means a name under which the business was carried on without contravening—

(a)section 2(1) of the Business Names Act 1985 (c. 7) or Article 4(1) of the Business Names (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (S.I. 1986/1033 N.I. 7)), or

(b)after this Chapter has come into force, the provisions of this Chapter.