Companies Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Overview of the Structure of the Act

6.The general arrangement of the Act is as follows:

Parts 1 to 7The fundamentals of what a company is, how it can be formed and what it can be called.
Parts 8 to 12The members (shareholders) and officers (management) of a company
Parts 13 and 14How companies may take decisions
Parts 15 and 16The safeguards for ensuring that the officers of a company are accountable to its members
Parts 17 to 25Raising share capital, capital maintenance, annual returns, and company charges
Parts 26 to 28Company reconstructions, mergers and takeovers
Parts 29 to 39The regulatory framework, application to companies not formed under the Companies Acts and other company law provisions
Parts 40 to 42Overseas disqualification of directors, business names and statutory auditors
Part 43Transparency obligations
Parts 44 to 47Miscellaneous and general

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