National Health Service (Wales) Act 2006

52Regulations about section 50 arrangementsE+W

(1)The Welsh Ministers may make regulations about the provision of services in accordance with section 50 arrangements.

(2)The regulations must include provision for participants other than Local Health Boards to withdraw from section 50 arrangements if they wish to do so.

(3)The regulations may, in particular—

(a)provide that section 50 arrangements may be made only in prescribed circumstances,

(b)provide that section 50 arrangements may be made only in prescribed areas,

(c)provide that only prescribed services, or prescribed categories of service, may be provided in accordance with section 50 arrangements,

(d)impose conditions (including conditions as to qualifications and experience) to be satisfied by persons performing services in accordance with section 50 arrangements,

(e)require details of section 50 arrangements to be published,

(f)make provision with respect to the variation and termination of section 50 arrangements,

(g)provide for parties to section 50 arrangements to be treated, in such circumstances and to such extent as may be prescribed, as health service bodies for the purposes of section 7,

(h)provide for directions, as to payments, made under section 7(11) (as it has effect as a result of regulations made by virtue of paragraph (g)) to be enforceable in a county court (if the court so orders) as if they were judgments or orders of that court.

(4)The regulations may also require payments to be made under the arrangements in accordance with directions given for the purpose by the Welsh Ministers.

(5)A direction may make provision having effect from a date before the date of the direction, provided that, having regard to the direction as a whole, the provision is not detrimental to the persons to whose remuneration it relates.

(6)The regulations may also include provision requiring a Local Health Board, in prescribed circumstances and subject to prescribed conditions, to enter into a general medical services contract on prescribed terms with any person who is providing services under section 50 arrangements and who so requests.

(7)The regulations may also include provision for the resolution of disputes as to to the terms of any proposed section 50 arrangements, and in particular may make provision—

(a)for the referral of the terms of the proposed arrangements to the Welsh Ministers, and

(b)for the Welsh Ministers or a person appointed by them to determine the terms on which the arrangements may be entered into.

(8)The regulations must provide for the circumstances in which a person providing primary medical services under section 50 arrangements—

(a)must or may accept a person as a patient to whom such services are so provided,

(b)may decline to accept a person as such a patient,

(c)may terminate his responsibility for a patient.

(9)The regulations must make provision as to the right of patients to choose the persons from whom they receive services under section 50 arrangements.