Part 7Pharmaceutical services and local pharmaceutical services

Chapter 4Local pharmaceutical services: miscellaneous

Application of enactments

145Application of enactments

(1)The Secretary of State may by regulations make, in relation to local pharmaceutical services arrangements or persons providing or assisting in the provision of services under such arrangements, provision corresponding (whether or not exactly) to enactments containing provision relating to—

(a)section 92 arrangements or section 107 arrangements, or

(b)persons who provide or perform services under section 92 or section 107.

(2)The regulations may, in particular, provide for the application of any such enactment with such modifications, if any, as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.

(3)The provision which may be made under this section includes provision amending, repealing or revoking enactments.

(4)“Local pharmaceutical services arrangements” means arrangements made under an LPS scheme or a pilot scheme.