Part 7Pharmaceutical services and local pharmaceutical services

Chapter 7Miscellaneous

Indemnity cover

166Indemnity cover

(1)Regulations may make provision for the purpose of securing that, in prescribed circumstances, prescribed persons included in a pharmaceutical list hold approved indemnity cover.

(2)The regulations may, in particular, make provision as to the consequences of a failure to hold approved indemnity cover, including provision—

(a)for securing that a person must not be added to a pharmaceutical list unless he holds approved indemnity cover,

(b)for the removal from a pharmaceutical list prepared by a Primary Care Trust of a person who does not within a prescribed period after the making of a request by the Primary Care Trust in the prescribed manner satisfy the Primary Care Trust that he holds approved indemnity cover.

(3)For the purposes of this section—

and a person holds approved indemnity cover if he has entered into a contract or arrangement which constitutes approved indemnity cover.

(4)The regulations may provide that a person of any description who has entered into a contract or arrangement which is—

(a)in a form identified in accordance with the regulations in relation to persons of that description, and

(b)made with a person or persons so identified,

must be treated as holding approved indemnity cover for the purposes of the regulations.