Education and Inspections Act 2006


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8(1)For all purposes relating to the government department constituted by the Office, the Chief Inspector is to be regarded—E+W

(a)as part of that government department, whether acting in his capacity as holder of the office of Chief Inspector or in his capacity as a member of the Office, and

(b)as performing his functions (in whatever capacity) on behalf of it.

(2)Sub-paragraph (1) applies subject to any provision made by virtue of sub-paragraph (3).

(3)The Secretary of State may by order make such provision as he considers appropriate for—

(a)supplementing or modifying the effect of sub-paragraph (1), or

(b)prescribing other matters in connection with responsibilities of the Chief Inspector in relation to the Office or otherwise connected with the relationship between them.

(4)Such an order may in particular provide—

(a)for allocating functions, property, rights or liabilities as between the Office and the Chief Inspector;

(b)for conferring on the Chief Inspector responsibilities in relation to property, rights or liabilities of the Office, including responsibilities as to the conduct of proceedings;

(c)for the capacity in which the Chief Inspector is to discharge any such functions or responsibilities.