Part 8Inspections

Chapter 7Miscellaneous and supplementary


154Duty to report on contribution of certain schools to community cohesion

In section 5 of EA 2005 (duty to inspect certain schools in England at particular intervals), in subsection (5) (which lists matters on which the Chief Inspector is under a general duty to report)—

(a)omit the word “and” at the end of paragraph (e), and

(b)at the end insert—

(g)the contribution made by the school to community cohesion.

155Payment of annual fee to the Chief Inspector by local authorities

(1)Regulations made by the Secretary of State may require a local authority in England to pay to the Chief Inspector an annual fee in respect of the discharge by the authority of any of their relevant functions specified in the regulations.

(2)The regulations must specify—

(a)the amount of the fee, and

(b)the time at which it is to be paid.

(3)The Chief Inspector may make a scheme under subsection (4) that is to have effect at a time when no regulations are in force under subsection (1).

(4)A scheme under this subsection (“a scheme”) may provide for a local authority in England to be required to pay to the Chief Inspector an annual fee in respect of the discharge by the authority of any of their relevant functions specified in the scheme.

(5)The amount of the fee payable by virtue of a scheme is to be such as may be specified in, or calculated or determined under, the scheme.

(6)A scheme may include provision—

(a)for different fees to be paid in different cases or classes of case;

(b)for the amount of a fee to be determined by the Chief Inspector in accordance with specified factors;

(c)for the time by which a fee must be paid;

(d)for varying or revoking a previous scheme.

(7)Before making a scheme the Chief Inspector must consult such persons as he considers appropriate.

(8)The Chief Inspector must arrange for a scheme to be published in such manner as he considers appropriate.

(9)A local authority in England must provide the Chief Inspector with such information as he requires for the purpose of determining the amount of a fee payable by the authority by virtue of a scheme.

(10)A fee payable by virtue of this section may be recovered summarily as a civil debt.

(11)But subsection (10) is not to be read as prejudicing any other method of recovery.

(12)In this section “relevant functions”, in relation to a local authority, has the same meaning as in Part 3 of the Care Standards Act 2000 (c. 14).

156Removal of HMICA’s duty to inspect performance of Assembly’s functions relating to family proceedings

Section 38 of the Children Act 2004 (c. 31) (under which Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Court Administration must, at the request of the Assembly, inspect and report on the performance of the Assembly’s functions under Part 4 of that Act) ceases to have effect.


157Minor and consequential amendments

Schedule 14 contains minor and consequential amendments relating to the provision made by this Part.

158Transitional provisions and savings

Schedule 15 contains—

(a)provision for the transfer of staff, property, rights and liabilities in connection with the establishment of the Office, and

(b)other transitional provisions and savings.

159Interpretation of Part 8

(1)In this Part—

(2)In this Part any reference to the carrying on of activities as “user-focused” activities is a reference to the carrying on of the activities in a way that focuses on the needs of those for whose benefit the activities are carried on.