Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006

8(1)The terms that OFCOM may include in a wireless telegraphy licence include terms restricting the exercise by them of their power to revoke or vary the licence.E+W+S+N.I.

(2)The terms that may be included because of sub-paragraph (1) include, in particular, terms providing that the licence may not be revoked or varied except—

(a)with the consent of the holder of the licence; or

(b)in such other circumstances and on such grounds as may be specified in the licence.

(3)The circumstances or grounds may relate to matters relevant for the purposes of any other enactment (and may, in particular, be dependent on the exercise of a statutory discretion under any other enactment).

(4)A licence containing terms included because of sub-paragraph (1) may also provide that regulations made under section 45—

(a)do not apply in relation to a station or apparatus to which the licence relates; or

(b)apply in relation to such a station or such apparatus to such extent only, or subject to such modifications, as may be specified in the licence.

(5)Despite any term or provision included in a wireless telegraphy licence in accordance with this paragraph, OFCOM may at any time by giving the holder of the licence a notice in writing revoke the licence or vary its terms, provisions or limitations, if it appears to OFCOM to be necessary or expedient to do so—

(a)in the interests of national security; or

(b)for the purpose of securing compliance with an international obligation of the United Kingdom.