Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006

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(1)Amend Schedule 2 to the 1983 Act (provisions which may be contained in regulations as to registration etc.) as follows.

(2)For paragraph 1(4A) and (4B) substitute—

(4A)Provision authorising or requiring any such authority or person, for the purpose mentioned in sub-paragraph (4B), to provide the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland, at such times or in such circumstances as may be prescribed, with information contained in such records.

(4B)The purpose is assisting the Chief Electoral Officer to meet the relevant registration objectives, and, in particular, assisting him—

(a)to ascertain to what extent the relevant registration objectives are being met;

(b)to determine what steps should be taken for meeting those objectives.

(3)After paragraph 1(5) insert—

(6)But provision made under sub-paragraph (4A) may not permit information obtained under those provisions to be disclosed to a third party except—

(a)for the purpose mentioned in sub-paragraph (4B);

(b)for the purposes of any criminal or civil proceedings.

(7)In sub-paragraph (4B) “the relevant registration objectives” has the meaning given by section 10ZB.

(8)In sub-paragraph (6) “third party” means a person other than a person to whom the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland may delegate his functions.

(4)After paragraph 11A(1) insert—

(1A)Sub-paragraph (1) is subject to paragraph 1(6).

(5)After paragraph 13(1) insert—

(1ZA)Provisions making it an offence (punishable on summary conviction by a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale) for a person to disclose information in contravention of paragraph 1(6).