Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006

4The relevant registration objectivesE+W+S+N.I.

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After section 10ZA of the 1983 Act insert—

10ZBThe relevant registration objectives (Northern Ireland)

(1)The relevant registration objectives are to secure, so far as reasonably practicable—

(a)that every person who is entitled to be registered in a register is registered in it,

(b)that no person who is not entitled to be registered in a register is registered in it, and

(c)that none of the required information relating to any person registered in a register is false.

(2)But, in applying subsection (1), the registrations of the persons mentioned in section 10(3) (registrations with which a canvass is not concerned) must be disregarded.

(3)Register” means a register maintained by the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland under section 9.

(4)The required information” means the following (as appearing in the register or other records of the Chief Electoral Officer)—

(a)the person's name;

(b)the person's qualifying address;

(c)the person's date of birth;

(d)subject to subsections (5) and (6), the person's signature;

(e)the person's national insurance number or a statement that he does not have one.

(5)The required information does not include the person's signature if—

(a)the Chief Electoral Officer has dispensed with the requirement to provide a signature, or

(b)other evidence of identity is required (instead of a signature) under a CORE scheme.

(6)If under a CORE scheme other evidence is required instead of a signature, the required information includes that evidence.

(7)False”, in relation to a signature, means that the signature is not the usual signature of, or was written by a person other than, the person whose signature it purports to be.

(8)CORE scheme” has the same meaning as in Part 1 of the Electoral Administration Act 2006.