Government of Wales Act 2006

159Index of defined expressionsE+W+S+N.I.

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In this Act the following expressions are defined or otherwise explained by the provisions indicated—

the 2007 electionsection 161(1)
Acts of the Assemblysection 107(1)
annual Budget motionsection 125(1)
the Assemblysection 1(1)
the Assembly Act provisionssection 103(8)
the Assembly Commissionsection 27(1)
Assembly constituencysection 2(1)
Assembly constituency membersection 1(2)(a)
Assembly electoral regionsection 2(2) and (3) F1...
Assembly Measuressection 93(1)
Assembly membersection 1(3)
Assembly proceedingssection 1(5)
Assembly regional membersection 1(2)(b)
Assembly's legislative competence (in relation to Acts of the Assembly)section 108
Assembly's legislative competence (in relation to Assembly Measures)section 94
the Audit Committeesection 30(1)
the Auditor Generalsection 145(1)
Budget resolution of the Assemblysection 120(8)
the Clerksection 26(1)
the Committee of Public Accountssection 158(6)
[F2EU] lawsection 158(1)
constituency votesection 6(2)
the Convention rightssection 158(1)
the Counsel Generalsection 45(1)(c)
cross-border bodysection 158(1)
the Deputy Presiding Officersection 25(1)(b)
Deputy Welsh Ministersection 50
[F3devolved taxsection 116A(4)]
electoral region figuresection 8(5)
electoral region votesection 6(3)
enactmentsection 158(1) and (2)
English border areasection 158(1)
financial yearsection 158(1)
the First Ministersections 46 and 47
functionsection 158(1)
government departmentsection 158(1)
the initial periodsection 161(5)
international obligationssection 158(1)
member of the staff of the Assemblyparagraph 3(2) of Schedule 2
member of the staff of the Welsh F4... Governmentsection 52
Minister of the Crownsection 158(1)
modificationssection 158(1)
political groupsection 24(5)
political group with an executive rolesection 25(8)
the Presiding Officersection 25(1)(a)
the principal accounting officer for the Assembly Commissionsection 138(1) and (2)
the principal accounting officer for the Welsh Ministerssection 129(6) and (7)
regional returning officersection 7(7)
registered political partysection 6(6)
relevant enactment (in sections 124 to 128)section 124(4)
the relevant persons (in sections 124 to 128)section 124(3)
the standing orderssection 31(1)
subordinate legislationsection 158(1)
supplementary Budget motionsection 126(1)
tribunalsection 158(1)
use of resourcessection 125(4)
Walessection 158(1), (3) and (4)
Welsh F4... Governmentsection 45(1)
Welsh Consolidated Fundsection 117
the Welsh Ministerssection 45(2)
[F5“Welsh zone”section 158(1), (3) and (4)]
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Amendments (Textual)

F3Words in s. 159 inserted (17.2.2015) by Wales Act 2014 (c. 29), ss. 6(6), 29(2)(b)(3)

F4Words in Act omitted (17.2.2015) by virtue of Wales Act 2014 (c. 29), s. 4(2)(a) (with s. 4(3))

F5S. 159: entry in index inserted (12.11.2009 for certain purposes and 12.1.2010 in so far as not already in force) by Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (c. 23), ss. 43, 324, Sch. 4 Pt. 2 para. 6(8); S.I. 2009/3345, art. 2, Sch. para. 7