Government of Wales Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Government of Wales Act 2006

2006 CHAPTER 32

Detailed Commentary on Sections in Part 5

Payments into Welsh Consolidated Fund

Section 118: Grants

451.Subsection (1) provides that payments from the Secretary of State, deriving from the moneys voted to him or her by Parliament, must be paid into the WCF.

452.Subsection (2) empowers any Minister of the Crown, and any government department, to make payments to the Welsh Ministers, the First Minister or the Counsel General. This may happen where, for example, the Welsh Ministers agree to carry out, in Wales, a function of a UK Minister of the Crown. By virtue of section 120(1), such sums will normally fall to be paid into the WCF. However, this requirement may be overridden by the Assembly passing a resolution under section 120(2).

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