Equality Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Section 53: Discriminatory practices

207.Section 53 makes it unlawful to operate a practice which results in unlawful discrimination, or which is likely to result in unlawful discrimination if applied to persons of any religion or belief. Subsection (2) also makes it unlawful to adopt or maintain a practice or arrangement which has the potential to result in a practice which is unlawful under this section.

208.Subsection (3) makes clear that the unlawful discrimination referred to in this section is that which is unlawful under the preceding provisions of this Part.

209.Subsection (4) provides that the CEHR is to be the only body entitled to bring proceedings in respect of discriminatory practices, and must do so by means of its powers in sections 20 to 24 of the Act (investigations, unlawful act notices and action plans, agreements and applications to court to enforce these).

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