Compensation Act 2006

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5(1)Regulations shall require the Regulator not to grant an application for authorisation unless satisfied of the applicant's competence and suitability to provide regulated claims management services of the kind to which the application relates.E+W

(2)For that purpose the Regulator shall apply such criteria, and have regard to such matters, as the regulations shall specify.

(3)Regulations by virtue of sub-paragraph (2) may, in particular—

(a)refer to a provision of directions, guidance or a code given or issued under section 5(4);

(b)relate to persons who are or are expected to be employed or engaged by, or otherwise connected with, the applicant;

(c)relate to—

(i)criminal records;

(ii)proceedings in any court or tribunal;

(iii)proceedings of a body exercising functions in relation to a trade or profession;

(iv)financial circumstances;

(v)management structure;

(vi)actual or proposed connections or arrangements with other persons;


(viii)actual or proposed arrangements for training;

(ix)arrangements for accounting;

(x)practice or proposed practice in relation to the provision of information about fees;

(xi)arrangements or proposed arrangements for holding clients' money;

(xii)arrangements or proposed arrangements for insurance.