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[F1SCHEDULE 1AE+W[F2Exclusion of right under section 15: England]

Textual Amendments

F1 Sch. 1A inserted (25.4.2013) by Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 (c. 27) , s. 35(2) , Sch. 4

F2Sch. 1A title substituted (6.9.2015 for specified purposes, 22.10.2018 in so far as not already in force) by Planning (Wales) Act 2015 (anaw 4), ss. 53(3), 58(2)(b)(4)(b); S.I. 2018/1022, art. 2(a) (with art. 3)


1For the purposes of this Schedule, all means of challenging a decision in legal proceedings in the United Kingdom are to be treated as exhausted and the decision is to be treated as upheld if, at any stage in the proceedings, the time normally allowed for the making of an appeal or further appeal or the taking of any other step to challenge the decision expires without the appeal having been made or (as the case may be) the other step having been taken.]