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[F1SCHEDULE A1E+WHospital and care home residents: deprivation of liberty


Amendments (Textual)

F1 Sch. A1 inserted (1.4.2008 for certain purposes and otherwise 1.4.2009) by Mental Health Act 2007 (c. 12) , ss. 50 , 56 , Sch. 7 ; S.I. 2008/745 , art. 4(a) ; S.I. 2009/139 , art. 2(c) (with art. 3 , Sch. paras. 3 , 4 )

Part 4 E+WStandard authorisations

Form of authorisationE+W

54A standard authorisation must be in writing.E+W

55(1)A standard authorisation must state the following things—E+W

(a)the name of the relevant person;

(b)the name of the relevant hospital or care home;

(c)the period during which the authorisation is to be in force;

(d)the purpose for which the authorisation is given;

(e)any conditions subject to which the authorisation is given;

(f)the reason why each qualifying requirement is met.

(2)The statement of the reason why the eligibility requirement is met must be framed by reference to the cases in the table in paragraph 2 of Schedule 1A.

56(1)If the name of the relevant hospital or care home changes, the standard authorisation is to be read as if it stated the current name of the hospital or care home.E+W

(2)But sub-paragraph (1) is subject to any provision relating to the change of name which is made in any enactment or in any instrument made under an enactment.]