Mental Capacity Act 2005

Supplementary powersE+W

47General powers and effect of orders etc.E+W

(1)The court has in connection with its jurisdiction the same powers, rights, privileges and authority as the High Court.

(2)Section 204 of the Law of Property Act 1925 (c. 20) (orders of High Court conclusive in favour of purchasers) applies in relation to orders and directions of the court as it applies to orders of the High Court.

(3)Office copies of orders made, directions given or other instruments issued by the court and sealed with its official seal are admissible in all legal proceedings as evidence of the originals without any further proof.

48Interim orders and directionsE+W

The court may, pending the determination of an application to it in relation to a person (“P”), make an order or give directions in respect of any matter if—

(a)there is reason to believe that P lacks capacity in relation to the matter,

(b)the matter is one to which its powers under this Act extend, and

(c)it is in P's best interests to make the order, or give the directions, without delay.

49Power to call for reportsE+W

(1)This section applies where, in proceedings brought in respect of a person (“P”) under Part 1, the court is considering a question relating to P.

(2)The court may require a report to be made to it by the Public Guardian or by a Court of Protection Visitor.

(3)The court may require a local authority, or an NHS body, to arrange for a report to be made—

(a)by one of its officers or employees, or

(b)by such other person (other than the Public Guardian or a Court of Protection Visitor) as the authority, or the NHS body, considers appropriate.

(4)The report must deal with such matters relating to P as the court may direct.

(5)Court of Protection Rules may specify matters which, unless the court directs otherwise, must also be dealt with in the report.

(6)The report may be made in writing or orally, as the court may direct.

(7)In complying with a requirement, the Public Guardian or a Court of Protection Visitor may, at all reasonable times, examine and take copies of—

(a)any health record,

(b)any record of, or held by, a local authority and compiled in connection with a social services function, and

(c)any record held by a person registered under Part 2 of the Care Standards Act 2000 (c. 14),

so far as the record relates to P.

(8)If the Public Guardian or a Court of Protection Visitor is making a visit in the course of complying with a requirement, he may interview P in private.

(9)If a Court of Protection Visitor who is a Special Visitor is making a visit in the course of complying with a requirement, he may if the court so directs carry out in private a medical, psychiatric or psychological examination of P's capacity and condition.

(10)NHS body” has the meaning given in section 148 of the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003 (c. 43).

(11)Requirement” means a requirement imposed under subsection (2) or (3).