Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005

282Assignments for profit of lease granted at undervalueE+W+S+N.I.
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(1)This section applies to an assignment of a short-term lease if—

(a)the lease was granted at an undervalue, and

(b)a profit is made on the assignment.

(2)The person who assigns the lease is treated as—

(a)entering into a transaction mentioned in section 264 (if the land to which the lease relates is in the United Kingdom) or section 265 (if that land is outside the United Kingdom), and

(b)receiving the amount calculated under subsections (4) and (5) as a result of that transaction.

(3)That amount is brought into account as a receipt in calculating the profits of the property business which consists of or includes that transaction for the tax year in which the consideration for the assignment becomes payable.

(4)The amount of the receipt is given by the formula—


P is the lesser of—

  • (a) the profit on the assignment, and

  • (b) the amount by which the undervalue exceeds the total of the profits (if any) made on previous assignments of the lease, and

Y is the number of complete periods of 12 months (other than the first) comprised in the effective duration of the lease.

(5)But, if the rule in section 288 (the additional calculation rule) applies, the amount given by the formula in subsection (4) is reduced by the amount calculated in accordance with section 288.

(6)Section 283 explains references in this section to the grant of a lease at an undervalue and the making of a profit on an assignment of a lease.