Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 595: Deduction of tax from payments to non-UK residents

2317.This section contains rules relating to the deduction of tax from payments to non-UK residents where a charge arises under section 587 on profits from the sale of the whole or any part of any patent rights. It is based on section 524 of ICTA.

2318.Subsection (2) provides that the capital costs in section 588 shall not affect the amount of income tax to be deducted under section 349(1) of ICTA and assessed under section 350 of ICTA. The reference in section 524(9) of ICTA to “section 349(1) and (3)” was clearly intended to read “sections 349(1) and 350”. This has been corrected in the consequential amendment which inserts section 349ZA into ICTA (see paragraph 149 of Schedule 1 to this Act).

2319.Subsection (3) provides that sections 349ZA and 350 of ICTA are not affected by any election under this Chapter for spreading provisions to apply. The reference to instalments makes explicit in the section what was implicit in the source legislation.

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