Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 304: Applying the rules in section 303

1238.This section is based on section 38(2), (3) and (4) of ICTA.

1239.Section 38(4) of ICTA refers to benefits conferred and payments made for the purposes of securing a tax advantage “in the application of this Part”. Section 38 of ICTA is in Part 2 of ICTA (provisions relating to the Schedule A charge), which consists of sections 21 to 43G of ICTA.

1240.Other than the lease premiums rules in sections 34 to 39 of ICTA, the sections of Part 2 of ICTA which are in force are sections 21 to 21C (calculation of the profits of a Schedule A business), section 24 (construction of Part 2), section 30 (sea walls), sections 31A and 31B (deductions for expenditure by landlords on energy-saving items), section 40 (receipts and outgoings on sale of land), section 42 (appeals against determinations under sections 34 to 36), section 42A (regulations about non-residents) and sections 43A to 43G (rent factoring).

1241.It is considered that the only tax advantage that could be secured in the context of section 38(4) of ICTA would be under sections 34 to 39 of ICTA. So subsection (4) refers instead to a tax advantage “in the application of this Chapter or sections 34 to 39 of ICTA”.

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