Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 358: Meaning of “overseas property income”

1431.This section defines “overseas property income”, in cases where the remittance basis applies. It is new.

1432.Section 65(4) of ICTA provides that, for a person to whom the remittance basis applies, section 65A of ICTA does not apply. This means that there cannot be an overseas property business. And there are no rules in ICTA for calculating the income.

1433.This Chapter uses the expression “overseas property income” to describe income from land outside the United Kingdom which would usually be treated as part of an overseas property business (see section 265) but is not treated in that way because the overseas property business of a remittance basis taxpayer includes only profits from land in the Republic of Ireland (see section 269(3)). So overseas property income does not include any Irish income.

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