Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 173: Valuation of trading stock on cessation

719.This section sets out two general propositions based on section 100(1) and (1ZA) of ICTA. First, a valuation has to be made. Second, that valuation has to be made in accordance with the rules set out.

720.Subsection (1) restricts the operation of the section (and the other valuation rules) to the calculation of the profits of a trade when a person ceases to carry it on. It includes a signpost to the detailed valuation rules in sections 175 to 178.

721.Subsection (2) makes it clear that any transfer-pricing adjustment takes precedence over the rules for trading stock in this Chapter.

722.Subsection (3) is the rule for trades carried on in partnership. The general rule in ICTA is that a change in the person carrying on a trade is treated as the cessation of the trade. But, in the case of a trade carried on in partnership, section 113(2) of ICTA provides that there is a cessation only if there is a complete change in the persons (the partners) carrying on the trade.

723.Subsection (4) ensures that the special rules for the valuation of stock in this Chapter do not apply when the trader dies.

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