Gambling Act 2005

334Repeal of provisions preventing enforcement

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)The following shall cease to have effect—

(a)section 1 of the Gaming Act 1710 (c. 19) (voiding of security for winnings or for repayment of gaming loan, &c.),

(b)remaining provisions of the Gaming Act 1835 (c. 41) (security deemed given for illegal consideration),

(c)section 18 of the Gaming Act 1845 (c. 109) (voiding of gaming contracts),

(d)section 1 of the Gaming Act 1892 (c. 9) (voiding of promise to repay), and

(e)in section 412 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (c. 8) (gaming contracts)—

(i)in subsection (1)(a), the words “section 18 of the Gaming Act 1845, section 1 of the Gaming Act 1892 or”, and

(ii)subsection (1)(b).

(2)The repeals in subsection (1) do not permit enforcement of a right which is created, or which emanates from an agreement made, before this section comes into force.