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Part 12 E+W+SClubs, pubs, fairs, &c.


287Gaming machinesE+W+S

A person does not commit an offence under section 37 or 242 if—

(a)he makes one or more Category D gaming machines available for use at a travelling fair, and

(b)facilities for gambling (whether by way of gaming machine or otherwise) amount together to no more than an ancillary amusement at the fair.


Commencement Information

I1S. 287 in force at 1.9.2007 by S.I. 2006/3272, art. 2(4)(5), Sch. 3B (with arts. 7-11, 7-12, Sch. 4) (as inserted by S.I. 2007/2169, arts. 3, 6, Sch.)